Memories of Redemption

Metal is over all (2015)

Days of Fire (directo)

  • I don't know my old friend
  • Where the hell i am
  • Why we shoot? It was our fate?
  • Will we live to tell?

  • I still remember
  • The day that all began
  • We thought it would be a game
  • We thought we should live to tell

  • Walking through the forest
  • The fear becomes your hate
  • His wicked laugh stops myself
  • Devil drives my fate

  • The silence of the night
  • Makes me pray again
  • I don't know if I will get
  • To see the sun today

  • Lies!
  • Fight!
  • Die!
  • Days of fire!

  • We are lost in this hell
  • Waiting for the call
  • We have to obey the orders
  • And they say: "kill them all!"

  • I don't know whoose all the blood
  • That covers my hands
  • Voices screaming in my mind
  • Nightmare never ends

  • Lies!
  • Fight!
  • Die!
  • Days of fire!

  • I can hear the bullets now
  • Searching our heads
  • Bombs fall behind my back
  • The sky is turning red

  • I didn't know my old friend
  • That time pass so slow
  • We only want to escape
  • But there's no place to go

  • Lies!
  • Fight!
  • Die!
  • Days of fire!

  • "If your reading
    now these words
    It means i'll be dead"